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All beautiful things carry distinctions of imperfection. Your skin is no different.


Japanese artists often prepare broken pottery with precious metals to fit those pieces back together. What you end up with is a pot with cracks in it, but the cracks are then filled with gold, silver or copper. They call it Kintsukuroi or golden repair. Japanese philosophy says that life breaks us, in a variety of ways. But unfortunately we often deny it or we would rather disguise our damage than undergo a beautiful repair. Much like our skin. We neglect it, treat it harshly or think that nothing can be done to restore it.  We often cover it up with heavy makeup to hide the imperfections and damage.


Kitty Kat Kosmetik's philosophy is to take your damaged, imperfect skin and turn it into something of beauty, restoring it, so it is healthy on the inside and glows on the outside. The essence of Kitty Kat is the practice of focusing our intention on life’s hidden beauty and power, transforming broken, damaged  skin into beautiful resurrected masterpieces.




Kitty Kat Kosmetics provides cosmeceutical age management solutions in plant extracts, natural vitamins, acids, oils, liposomes & minerals. Organic ingredients that work in harmony with your skin & body. Stimulating, detoxifying, & regenerating.


We work on the principle of prevention is better than the cure. It is about working with the skin, not against it. Everything we do has a cause and effect. We are concious of using ingredients that are 'Biomimetic' which means to imitate a bilogical function. Our aim is to support the skins natural structure and to mimic that which is already found in the skin by using products that cause the skin to behave like a young skin. The older you get the more important it is that you take care of your skin, the earlier the better. Your products should nourish & revive your skin, making it glow. It should work with the skin, giving it what it needs and not breaking it down. A gentle solution. Feeding the skin is just as important as feeding the body, what you put in or on will determine what you get out of it.




We use advanced technology to formulate concentrated, nutrient rich, active and results driven products with powerful Organic Cosmeceutical, Nutraceutical & Bio-active ingredients which are harvested here within our very own beautiful Australia. We provide the skin with natural and nature-identical ingredients, that cleanse, hydrate, feed and protects the skin. Our extracts can stand on their own - they are pure, and unadulterated with synthetic additives. A botanical extract should reflect the true blueprint of a plant. CELLULAR EXTRACTION delivers the first "True to Nature" full plant profile of phyto-active compounds (and their derivatives) found in any fruit, leaf, wood or flower in a botanical extract. Our extraction process does not compromise the bio-matrix integrity of the fruit or plant.


Kitty Kat Skincare and Body Care are 100% Natural and Australian made. Our skin and body care contain Certified Organic, Bio Active, Cosmeceutical Grade, Sustainable & Fair Trade Ingredients, Natural Preservatives, Native Australian Oils, Nuts, Fruits and Extracts.


They are free from Sodium Lauryl Sulphate, Parabens, Mineral & Palm Oil, Petro-Chemicals, Glycols, Silicones, seaweeds, Artificial Fragrances and Artificial Colours. Kitty Kat offers a variety of premium skincare that covers all skin types and concerns and a premium body care range that will soften and restore any skin.


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Sustainable   Ethical   Natural



We are animal lovers too!!


No animals are ever used to test our ingredients or our final product. This is an unethical & immoral practice.

We only test on humans.


We do not test our cosmetic and therapeutic products on animals as part of our product development process, or outsource this activity to any third parties, nor have we ever included animal testing in our product development process in the past. We work closely with our ingredient vendors to ensure they are aware of our company values and policies. We continue to adhere to the strict requirements of global cosmetic regulations regarding animal testing, with utmost respect for our customers and environment.


Hi, Im Katrina Edwards founder & manager of Kitty Kat Kosmetiks & Kitty Kat Skin & Beauty in beautiful Wa. Wife to an incredible man & mother of two amazing kids. Skin, makeup & animal lover.  


With over 25 years in the skin & beauty industry & as an internationally trained Beauty Therapist, it has always been a passion to provide outstanding service & skin care products that reflect my heart and soul as a Therapist and as a person.

I have always been a lover of natural and skin loving products, of providing high quality ingredients, but without the huge price tags.


Working extensively with clients and their skins needs over the years, I have created a range of products that will leave your skin beautifully cared for and maintained while also caring for the environment.

Katrina Edwards Founder Manager & Animal Lover.

I had originally thought to provide makeup first but my truer passion was skin. Why skin? Beacause I have always been of the belief that makeup is only as good as the skin it goes on. However makeup will follow. I am holistic in nature & believe that what we put in our bodies is as important as what we put on them, everything that the skin deals with on a daily basis

is determined by how we treat ourselves internally & externally. It's about the whole package. Skin care is not just about the product, its a lifestyle.


My greatest hope is that you love Kitty Kat as much as I do, and knowing that your contributing to the health and welbeing of your skin and body is a reward in itself.


If you need any help I am only a call away, I would love to help you choose products that are suitable for your skin and skin type and to help you take the guess work out of it. I can provide a skin consult as well to make sure you make the right choice.